Why am I keep going with my congruent Artwork?

Finally after all this time of struggling to find my place inside my family, inside my groups of “friends”, inside me; after all this dreamlike work, dark images, dark paintings, “uneasy watching” pictures I’ve made with determination, and doubt as well; has something changes around me?

As a woman, I’m still unknown, humiliated by public rejecting my “outrageous” pictures, unconsidered as a genuine artist woman, working about essential questions, like female identity, Child abuse, domestic violence, women rights, animal rights……

Hidden Public dares to watch my NUDE Fine Art, but would never buy or promote my work, as it’s the truth. I tell the truth.

They think the content of my unbearable pictures cannot be framed in a leader Gallery,

because, this “content” has been created by a woman, a common one without Sugar daddy. Then how to invest in Alice Odilon, who has the ability to perturb what rich, pre-eminent people own “their power, their Rights to eliminate disturbing artists, their Rights to “offer” eligibility to empty pervert artist (women or men).

Why “pervert”?

  • Because they apply the rules to conformity for success.
  • {“No, No”, says the Gallerist; the ‘good” artists edit their work down to only the work that is congruent.}
  • (and then an advice from this Gallerist) : Cheat. If you have work that is close but not quite consistent, you can fudge a bit by simply using a consistent presentation. You would be amazed at the variety of work that can show together simply because it’s in the exact same frame or has an identical base. There are limits to how far you can push this cheat, but in a pinch, it can maintain your portfolio’s consistency.
  • http://reddotblog.com/artists-are-you-consistent-a-gallery-owners-perspective/

I’m a “Very embarrassing Alice Odilon”! Because I think that’s the Job of the gallerist to make an Artist saleable. Working Artist doesn’t have the ability to build a commercial window of his work.

Art is LIFE, LIFE  is not a Window, an Appearance, LIFE hides a SENSE, that all of us, have to find in order to find our place, our work, our strength.

LOGOTHERAPY has been so essential for my research of meaning. At the beginning, I lived in perdition and confusion. Inside this hell, I found the courage to build a dream, an Art, telling my truth. To reach this point I had been a shit, a nobody, a jane DOE, a runaway person, I had to purge my fake education who had lead me to ignorance and blindness. I had to make a new start with ZERO piece of evidence and keys of sense.

But I played the game, I dived deeply int the shit and I began very slowly to surfacing.

And I need an agent to makes me saleable. I don’t have to do this job. It’s impossible for a real working Artist.

Do I know my audience?

  • Yes, most of them are teens, researchers, scientists, psychiatrists, writers, company leaders, collectors.
  • Every time I create something, do I have their deepest desires in mind as well as my own?
  • I think so.
  • Do I connect with them personally and know their greatest hopes and fears?
    • I do connect with them personnaly via messages on Linked in or Instagram; and yes I know their in the same lost raft than me.

But never happens, because Censure reigns everywhere inside public, and outside networking talking. http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/14/five-times-censorship-the-out-of-for-no-reason-5196830/

This society is build above Forbidden happiness, and above sharing power and knowledge.

No Future for a doll like me, I will be deleted and forwarded directly to the trash.

Do I have to stop my creation, my engagement, my faith in Art?

– NO. My chosen way leads me to Freedom and meaning of my being. And that’s all. That’s it.

Our world is going to live a drastic evolution, leading it into darkness and despair.

Year after year we are expecting change from political leaders, but nothing is done.

Has undifference disappeared about abused persons, runaway teens, missing persons, street workers, abused animals, war crimes, the corrution of political leaders?

Religion = war

Money serves corruption, feeds funds for war.

Scientists cry about the next future.


Only Art knows what’s happening.


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