Telling about my books


When I was 19, a Swiss Leader Editor, offered me to publish a book of my self-portraits, during my first exhibition in Gallery 666, when I was awarded Prix de la Ville de Paris, in 1984.

I was so young and flayed alive, I refused his invitation to diner in a well known restaurant, as I was so scared about success and any proposal from this Man. With time I realised I had been an idiot to loss this tremendous opportunity.

Never mind, Time pasts and years later, I decided to auto-publish three books.

The first one was a novel called “”

in which I tried to describe my own mind and release my real disturbed existence.

The second one was a quilted book, combining deliberetaly a big part of my pics without any chronology, as I know, “we always do the same picture”; and because I had very hard content I wanted to confront with other works about dolls and landscapes. It does mean landscapes pictures were soft or easy to watch, but for public, the sadest landscape is much bearable than a sad body. And my self-portraits included in this book were extremely tough and deeply shocking.

The idea of this work began with the desire to shooting my dogs in the studio, imagining they were representing “Le Radeau de la Meduse”; oeuvre essentielle de Gericault.


The concept worked perfectly because my dogs played together like they were fighting for survive, trying  to occupy the center of the scene registered by my camera. It was very easy to get this ambiance of Despair and Romantism. Sighthounds represent high statut, style, rare creatures, and can be the metaphor of anorexia, super-models, catwalk.

I made some self-portraits naked with my dogs to express my equality with them, and my love for them.







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