Antablog is like Yoga daily practice: a discipline to give sense to suffering

Fair Warrior

Self-portrait  January 2013. Copyright Alice Odilon.

My Blog should be a daily practice like I do with Yoga. 

Yoga helps me to deal with suffering and give sense to my solitude and my pain.

During the practice, I feel the present moment, emptiness of my thoughts, forgetting sorrow, liberating my breathing and all my body which become reunited with calm and spirituality. 

I feel happiness and my true self.

I know that hurt people in our society don’t have easily access to yoga, but I wish they could.

Antablog is dedicated to eating-disorder persons, autistic persons, runaways, missing persons, rejecting rescue persons, homeless persons, street workers as well.

Those people are unable to deal with our hegemonic, deaf, indifferent, cold “social communication”.

Indifferent society is in fact, in serious trouble towards anorexic, autistic, “not suitable” persons, dropout persons.

And then, some “specialists “(therapists, security agents, chairman, curators,  healthcare consultants….  have decided to beat all those “pains in the ass”.

There is no question to let anorexic people talk, show, describe their inside.

Because our Society wants to clear this “off” world and has no consideration for doubt, weakness and clever disorders.

Yes, Anorexia and Autism are clever disorders.

That’s why we all have to consider without fear their meaning and their impact on us.

In the UK there is a charity whose the name is “Beating anorexia”.

I don’t like this radical appellation. It doesn’t mean anything, except nazism and violence towards marginal persons.

Alice Odilon. 2/2/2013




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