Help for abused Women

Only one’s own experience can find an echo in others.

I was born with anorexia as an unwelcome gift, I had no choice but to live with it.

I was likely to be “at risk”, so, at 17, I ran away, I left home which was not a home for me, but a sort of hell.

Cold and destructive.

I worked as cleaner, sales assistant, to pay my Art studies during 5 years.

Art was my life’s sole objective.

I could never have survived without this all consuming and focused passion.

This Art (photography) was stronger than any form of addiction; it gave me a crucial sense of life.

However I remained a person at risk: likely to fail, fall, and lose myself, because I was gifted with

a heightened sensitivity and a very acute perception, which, in a certain way was very dangerous for me.

When I was 32, I met evil in the form of a narcissistic pervert who, for 3 years, transformed my life into slavery.

I’m convinced, because I was an anorexic person, eating-disorder person, I was susceptible to becoming a victim

of a manipulator, a woman beater.

This outcome was a near scientific fatality as all in me was able to connect with perdition, addiction, slavery.

But I’ve been born a second time.

Thanks to Art I have woken up and it has helped me to sit up literally.

It seems simple like that but life can be very painful when one is the victim of someone who is stronger.

My great good luck comes from my rebel side that nobody can kill.

Inside us all we need a little place of light, very strong, virtually in contradiction with the sad rest of us.

In this way we already have the tools to survive, even in the worst of times.

Antablog has been created to answer all sorts of questions that anorexics, abused persons,

or runaways frequently ask.

A sort of FAQ.

This blog is for us, for you, especially if you’re in the dark at this stage.

All the best.


This information is provided for guidance only and you are strongly recommended to seek suitable expert advice and help ASAP, if you’re in danger.

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