Logotherapy Inconscious lead my Art vision – life’s meaning

Logotherapy has been the root of my destiny as Photographer and Painter.


I’m a researcher inspired by Logotherapy, and my Insconscient. I want to find the sense of anorexia, the sense of respect, the sense of animality, the sense of alive Life.

I realize how loneliness, artist can suffer in the middle of internet chaos.

Mediocrity has overwhelmed genuine artistic production, with Facebook “cancer” with metastases as all network, makes priority to poor information, easy watching pictures, clichés, vulgarity (Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, for ex), obscenity with selfies invasion, stupid contents, misspelt posts, degrading representation of woman body. Facebook has gave the illusion to Billions of guys that they are the center of interest for the others. Then getting thousand of like or thousand of followers means:  “I am alive”, ” I’m beloved”.

The Society of Mediocrity And Your Role As a Blogger

Most of the time mediocre blogs get a crowd of frustated followers, whom the only way to exist is to mimetize their blogger leader!

I have been obliged to accept this emptiness, as many of us, artists, writers, painters, journalists, reporters, …….

.  Woman Identity

In the middle of this shit, Inside me there is a certitude, my thoughts, my analysises concerning anorexia, Art and Woman identity, woman statute in our society are right and even if my blog or my pictures or my paintings telling about my point of view, and my deep emotional suffering about those subjects showing as women are degraded and low esteemed by society, I keep going  and will never give up until death will take me.

Logotherapy has been very crucial for my determination and strength to fing my way, the sense of what I wanted to discover about the world, which was very confusing at the beginning of my dive in Art.


How to be considered as a researcher artist woman?

After all this performances daily practice, I’ve been used to dive in and lost myself and find myself with the sense of the pictures borned from this rebirth.

Self-portrait Alice Odilon






“Logotherapy: quel est le sens de “moi”?”. Self-Portrait 1984


That’s why I’ve been my own experiment object. That’s why a vet Woman in Taïwan has euthanasied herselve recently to say no to no respect for life. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-36573395

The only Art is Dangerous game.

There is no Art without taking risks, without doubting a lot, without humility, without sincerity, without loosing myself, avoiding clichés, avoiding a superficial social life.

  •  Inconscient /  Unconscious:

My Lifestyle has always been linked thoroughly with my obcessional will to create pictures justifying my Inconscient rather than my ideas. My Insconscient is my destiny.

{Si l’inconscient est très présent, cela s’appèle une destinée}.


Anorexia helps to survive

Jane Doe is still with us











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