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Art for Dead Girls

Help for abused Women

Only one’s own experience can find an echo in others. I was born with anorexia as an unwelcome gift, I had no choice but to live with it. I was likely to be “at risk”, so, at 17, I ran away, I left home which […]

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X, figure du renoncement anorexique

  La figure X joue le signifiant et le signifié superposés, confondus, fusionnés. Absence totale de symbolisation dans l’échafaudage psychique de l’enfant anorexique. La jeune anorexique incarne le mal qu’elle rejète. Elle doit le montrer pour l’exorciser. Elle manque l’étape de la parole élaborée, détachée du […]

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Portrait of missing person unknowing she’s missing

In her book “The Missing person guide to love”, Susanna Jones described with talent, the soul of a missing person. Astonishing. “Portrait of Cynthia Feliks, the One rejecting rescue”. Alice Odilon. Copyrights. 2009   Portrait of Patricia Johnson: Missing person from Vancouver Downtown. Alice Odilon. […]

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Rehab Tower Clinic/Anorexia addiction treatments/in Akaland

I don’t know what happened in Akan’s mind, because one day, she woke up very strong and sure she had a rule to accomplish. Probably it was her anorexia getting worse every day. I didn’t dare to talk to her about that, as I thought, […]

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