The original anorexic Effort of Life

Definition of effort:

Struggle, striving.

Effort, application, endeavor, exertion imply actions directed or force expended toward a definite target.

Effort is an expenditure of energy to accomplish some objective: “she made an effort to control herself.”

Effort involves resistance, speed, power, endurance, strength and the list goes on when we talk about anorexia.

Application is continuous effort plus careful attention: constant application to duties.

Endeavor means a continued and sustained series of efforts to achieve some, often worthy and difficult, end: a constant endeavor to be thin.

Exertion is the vigorous and often strenuous expenditure of energy, frequently without an end: out of breath from exertion.

We can speak of “hypertelic anorexic effort” of life.

That means anorexic effort doesn’t have any other target that to never stop and improve the score of thinness and will power.

At one stage, the effort is done because it’s the reason to stay alive, as no sense has been found or retrieved in its own existence.

It’s not “dying to be thin”, it’s starving to stay alive.

We can speak of spiritual fast {that incorporates personal spiritual beliefs with the desire to express personal principles.}

I’m pretty sure, that common anorexia is an aspiration of spiritual transformation, because the anorexic person at this stage feels all is wrong with her and her beliefs, her acquired social behaviours.

She wants to take control of her life.

It doesn’t necessary means that the pre-anorexic person is a psychotic individual.

That means there’s been a misdeal at the origin or at a certain decisive point.

And something has to be changed obviously for vital reason.

Original, careless Anorexic tactic becomes unavoidable, inexhaustible, (and certainly unacceptable for those getting the power of the phallocratic establishment.)

This opening phase of taking control inaugurates the need to be in charge with its own life.

The suffering subject finds the way to destroy her stress and negative self in “miraculous lack of appetite”.

Starvation offers access to another world of new, original sensations.

Previous boring colourless life appears as lifeless, infertile experience.

Prodigious anorexia shows the way of re-birth and freedom.

But there is a very high price for “anorexic takeoff.”

The candidate for this ultimate challenge has to be brave and persistent to get the achievement of herself.

It’s all about character.

A sort of endless marathon with no mercy.

And therefore the anorexic person, nourishing herself with nearly nothing, will show an effective force as distinguished from the possible resistance called into action by such a force.


“self-portrait: Anorexic marathon” 2010. copyright Alice ODILON

It’s all about highest level and mind labor.

The anorexic girl comes from a dark point to a bright one.

She applies a drastic effort to exercise against maximal resistance, like she would have to lift a maximal load.

“La Tête de Cheval” 1984. Copyright Alice ODILON

She was so depressed in her previous normal life.

Now targeting size zero, she finds happiness and feels much secure.

There is a sense of this anorexic tactic: finding the light, finding the other way to live an eternal new imprudent life.

Jeopardized anorexic life incarnates security and future for the courageous candidate.

Probably the anorexic effort (starvation, hyper-activity, high level of sport training, faith in light) permits to reach the best thing in life.

Because nothing is much better than to be an unfinished person.

“The endless bridge of anorexia”.copyright Alice ODILON 2010

The 22th of March 2010.


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